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In a recent study by the JARO Institute together with the CBS International Business School, mysupply and Archlet on the status of sustainable procurement in 2020, only 28 percent of the respondents assess their personal influence on the sustainable development of their company as decisive.

Through this course, we would like to enable participants to actively use their role as a key function for a sustainable development. They will learn the basics and tools required to develop sustainability strategies for procurement and to integrate sustainability aspects into procurement processes and supply chains.

"The JARO Institute‘s training in this groundbreaking area of sustainable procurement is unique in both the German and international context.“

Prof. Dr. habil Lisa Fröhlich
President CBS International Business School

You can choose one out of three complete curricula (15 modules) with or without certification or register for one or more single modules only. The modular structure allows you a high degree of flexibility and individuality to meet your personal needs.

Learning Objectives:

1. You are familiar with the current discourse as well as the central concepts and methods of sustainable management and can apply them systematically to procurement.

2. You know the tools and solution approaches relevant for your procurement role and are able to implement sustainable procurement in a structured manner.

3. You have additional technical and methodological skills of key topics that specifically support you in the introduction of sustainable procurement.

You can find a detailed description of the training in our information material

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