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Become a "Sustainable Procurement Professional"!

Become an expert in Sustainable Procurement. Learn to develop sustainability strategies for procurement and integrate sustainability aspects into procurement processes and supply chains.
Recognize your role and key function in sustainable development. In this eLearning, you will learn how to make procurement sustainable and fulfil CSR obligations - for responsible and forward-looking action and business.

Why take this course

Procurement professionals manage demand worldwide and play a key role in global sustainable development. To remain economically successful and be an attractive employer for qualified professionals, it is necessary to rethink old concepts and to handle scarce resources and human rights with care. In the future, procurement professionals must be able to develop sustainable procurement strategies and to implement them in a structured manner together with all relevant stakeholders.

Our training courses

You can choose one of three full curricula (15 modules) with or without certification. Depending on your work focus, you can choose between:

Track A - For Executives such as CPOs / Purchasing Managers or even General Managers and CSR Managers who want to learn more about implementing sustainable procurement.
Track B - For Commodity Group Managers or Buyers who particularly want to know more about hotspots in specific product groups.
Track C - For Supplier Managers who particularly want to learn how they can work with their suppliers to improve sustainability performance.

You can choose between the following course languages: German, English and English with Mandarin subtitles.
您可以选择以下语言:德语、 英语、英语发音中文字幕

Optional with recognized university certificate

If you would like to receive the official certification as a "Certified Sustainable Procurement Professional", please select the respective curriculum with certification. This requires additional participation in the two-day classroom event at IEDC Bled School of Management and a written submission as an examination performance.

Book your "Sustainable Procurement Professional" curriculum. Depending on the target group, we offer three different tracks with and without certification. Choose by clicking on the appropriate title.

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