1.1 Introduction to sustainable procurement & new business modelsLearning plan

What is sustainable procurement about and how does our economic system influence our purchasing decisions? How can we make ourselves more resilient and future-proof? An entertaining discussion between theory and practice serves as the starting point for our training series.

The module covers the following content:

A new understanding of sustainable business
  • A Mechanistic Worldview (Adam Smith)
  • A Holistic Worldview (Systems Theory)
  • Economical Development: From Linear to Regenerative
  • Rethinking the economy!
  • Procurement is the missing link in a sustainable supply chain
Why does a company have to act sustainably in procurement?
  • Investor, Propagator and Innovator - different types of companies and their sustainability motives, derivations for the focus in the sustainable procurement process
Do you understand your downward supply chain; a question of transparency?
  • The supply chain value stages of two selected industries and their environmental impacts on greenhouse gases, air pollution, water use, and land use
  • Framework for Sustainable Procurement: Maturity levels at the levels of people, policy/strategy and communication, procurement process, supplier involvement, and measurement and results
Do you take your suppliers with you on this journey?
  • The four steps of a process model for sustainable procurement
  • Basis and process integration
  • Behaviour Change Model and different measures for sustainable purchasing
  • Establishment of sustainable supplier management
  • Supplier Selection and the connection with the SDGs (UN Sustainable Development Goals)
  • House of sustainable supplier relationship management incl. the REWE Case
  • Establishment of sustainable supplier management by using the general supplier relationship model
  • Evaluating and Learning incl. the Innogy case

Course languages: German, English with optional Mandarin subtitles

课程语言:德语、 英语、 英语发音中文字幕
Course type Seminar
Learning Duration 64 Minutes
Price 160.50 EUR (incl. 7% VAT rate)
Target Group
This module is aimed at:
  • CPOs and Purchasing Managers
  • CSR Professionals
  • Suppliers of Goods and Services
  • Strategic Buyers and Category Managers
  • Tactical Purchasers and Supplier Managers
Learning Objectives
After having accomplished this training, the participant will:
  • Understand the relevance of a holistic worldview and its effects on the sustainable development
  • Be able to explain why your company has to act sustainably in procurement
  • Recognize the importance of transparency in your downward supply chain
  • Know the four steps to plan and implement a sustainable procurement in your organization
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