2.1 Business Case Sustainable ProcurementLearning plan

How can purchasing generate value with sustainable procurement? Is there a business case for sustainable procurement? The question of all questions is answered in this module and also why compliance can become a stumbling block.

The module covers the following content:

Reasons and benefits of investing in responsible supply chains
  • Many reasons to engage in responsible supply chains: Fashion, Consumer Electronics, Transportation and Cross Industry
  • Sustainable supply chains as an investment
  • Value Creation through Sustainability
  • Weighting of sustainability arguments according to business situation: work wear, bedding for hospital or hotel and fashion for young women
  • Sustainable Supply chain management – still in the beginning
  • Improvements - at the output rather than the impact level
  • Areas that benefit from the Sustainable Procurement Program: Investors, Supply Chain, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources
  • The Compliance Trap
Measures to increase resilience in supply chains
  • Strategic paths towards an holistic approach
  • Increased resilience in supply chains
  • Sustainability as part of Digitalization in Supply Chain Management
  • Best Practice

Course languages: German, English with optional Mandarin subtitles

课程语言:德语、 英语、 英语发音中文字幕
Course type Seminar
Learning Duration 34 Minutes
Price 160.50 EUR (incl. 7% VAT rate)
Target Group
This module is aimed at:
  • CPOs and Purchasing Managers
  • CSR Professionals
  • Suppliers of Goods and Services
  • Strategic Buyers and Category Managers
Learning Objectives
After having accomplished this training, the participant will:
  • Understand sustainability as an invest that creates business value
  • Know the term „compliance trap“ and recognize that investing in sustainability pays off
  • Understand the strategic paths towards a holistic approach, the importance of legitimation and reflect their own business strategy
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