2.21 Supplier Ratings - Overview and how to useLearning plan

What do you need to pay attention to in supplier evaluations? Which ratings are there and how do they differ? How can the supplier's sustainability performance be improved? In this module we will explain this in more detail.

The module covers the following content:

Introduction to Supplier Ratings​
  • What is a supplier Rating?
  • Benefits and use of supplier Ratings​
  • Structure of supplier evaluations​
  • Conventional criterias for supplier ratings
  • Example for an evaluation process
  • Conventional supplier evaluation matrix​
Supplier Sustainability Ratings, Examples and integration into procurement
  • Sustainability Supplier Ratings
  • Types of supplier sustainability ratings​
  • Rating tool evaluation​
  • Third-party Supplier Rating Tools
  • Example: Ecovadis Platform - CSR-Criteria, Scoring Process, Scoring Results
  • How to benefit from sustainability scoring results: as a procurement professional and as a supplier
  • Best Practice
  • Guiding questions – get started

Course languages: German, English with optional Mandarin subtitles

课程语言:德语、 英语、 英语发音中文字幕
Course type Seminar
Learning Duration 35 Minutes
Price 160.50 EUR (incl. 7% VAT rate)
Target Group
This module is aimed at:
  • Tactical Purchasers and Supplier Managers
Learning Objectives
After having accomplished this training, the participant will:
  • Understand what supplier ratings are and what to use for
  • Know possible ways how to rate sustainability performance of your suppliers
  • Reflect on the benefits and challenges of ratings to companies
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