3.3 Agile Approaches for Sustainable ProcurementLearning plan

What does agile mean anyway? When do I use which agile method? How can these approaches help me to implement sustainable procurement? You will get to know this in this module.

The module covers the following content:

  • Current challenges for sustainable procurement
  • Defining „Agile“
  • Navigating the procurement landscape using the Stacy Matrix
  • Advantages of agile approaches and how they help to deal with complexity
  • Agile approaches – first steps to apply them for sustainable procurement

Course language: English
Course type Seminar
Learning Duration 33 Minutes
Price 160.50 EUR (incl. 7% VAT rate)
Target Group
This module is aimed at:
  • CPOs and Purchasing Managers
  • CSR Professionals
  • Suppliers of Goods and Services
  • Strategic Buyers and Category Managers
  • Tactical Purchasers and Supplier Managers
Learning Objectives
After having accomplished this training, the participant will:
  • Understand the complex environment that they are operating in and are able to explain the basics of agile approaches
  • Get an overview of when to apply which approach
  • Know about the advantages of agile approaches and get to know first steps on how to apply them for sustainable procurement
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